Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At last..

Its been a while since my last entry. Now my Ax10's almost complete. I just bought the Novak Rooster Crawler ESC with The Novak 55T Motor and a new Standard High Torque Servo all for rm580. I managed to find some time from my busy work hour and run the rig for its first time rock crawling. Hehehe... Sugoiii!!!!!!!!!!

1st Rock Part1

1st Rock Part2

1st Rock cruising

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Overhaulin the rig. No remorse!

After a serious thinking n without no more ringgit to spend for the expensive electronics, my mind keep on urging me that my ride need a new look. The original body n colour seems too feminin n too much colour for my eyes. So i decided to pimp my ride the way that i like. Kg. Ulu style! hehe No remorse! Argggghhh..

p/s : my bestfriend ex's once said "Be strong fred!" haha so i'll be just that. be brave enough to cut..cut..gunting2.. to use the "1K plus" item as i please.



NOW... .(20hours later)


Yeah!!!!!!! hehe hope u guys like it the way i do. There are still lot of things to do. I'll post soon.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Must buy list

Novak Rooster Crawler
Brush Motor 55T
RM 480.00

Novak Rooster Crawler ESC - RM 420.00
Novak 55T Crawler Motor- RM 100.00
Combo Package - Novak Rooster Crawler with 55T Motor - RM 480.00

Hitec 5645MG High Torque Servo
Speed :0.23sec/60' at 4.8V
Torque:10.3kg-cm at 4.8V
RM 252.00

Tamiya Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Body
Length : 382mm, Width : 188mm, Height : 158mm
With decal, masking decal and components

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Birth Noted!

12th Nov 2008 : 

Bought an Axial Ax10 ARTR kit with a priced taged at RM1240.00 (plusdelivery). Its an ARTR Kit only, which mean that i still need to install Electronics stuff in before i can make it a complete (decent) crawler. I'll post all the things needed here for my reference later n for u guys info too.

13th Nov 2008 : 

Re-buy the 27T motor at RM50 from a friend. This motor used to be in my HPI E10 Drift set which i sold recently for this new hobby of mine (crawling). Drifting require a very high budget cost. and more than one players to make it more fun and exciting.. and not forgetting the problem to find the location to play it. its just wasted my money and time. 

14th Nov 2008 : 

Bought a Nosram 7.2v NiMH 4000mah battery for RM210 at General Toy Kota Kinabalu Sabah. p/s: very2 cekik blood la this kadai.

Will be continued... i need to find  duit. hehe.. still need to buy a high torque servo(RM230), A scale body (Rm150) etc.. i'll post soon.

The day Kg. Ulu got visited by an orange monster!

It rained heavily at that time.. and its almost dark. Then something came out from a box that i recieved from a chinese guru/master at Petaling Jaya RC shop. Hehe..

Owhhhhhhhhhh.. i said to myself. how big u are orange monster... what a big wheel u have. what a bling2 rim u got there. and later the monster look at me and said "Complete me n i will make u a happy man!" 

So the story begin.. Now i'll do my best to complete her. to make her the best of the best of the best.. She's  my girl now. Hahaha... Utk my kawan2..dont touch her.. never!!

My first Crawler

After a long.. long.. longest time waiting for a budget, now i can happily said that "I own a rock crawler".  YAhoOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!.......... 

i am a crawlest.. bcause i own a crawler. hehe. i want to crawl anything that i see infront of me.i want to crawl night n day.. anytime..anywhere..

Hell, i want to crawl U!!